Medical Transcription Services

At Master Medical Billing, certified medical specialists ensure that clinical data is accurately transcribed. Our medical transcription services are ideal for physicians, clinics, and solo practices alike.

Master Medical Billing can provide cost-effective, reliable & HIPAA compliant medical transcription service to Physicians, clinics and hospitals

Our Medical Transcription Services team has comprehensive command on healthcare operations and medical transcribing knowledge. Our IT and professional transcribers work very closely with your clinic and hospital to provide full support and transcribing solutions.

24/7 Services

We deliver pristine quality of transcriptions under our 24-hour time.

Technical Expertise

Expertise in transcription for Single Doctors, Clinics, and the Hospitals.

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA compliant way of transferring the voice and the transcribed files is followed.

Dictation Platform

We have a dedicated free platform providing convenience and flexible dictation over the phone.

TQM in Medical transcription

Total Quality management protocols in medical transcription ensures a high level of quality work and check all transcriptions before delivery.

Other Services Charges

There is absolutely no service charges upfront fee or hidden charges for our services.