Medical Billing Services

Streamline healthcare billing processes with precise coding, claim preparation, professional medical billing, and claim submission.

Systematic Charge Entry

A systematic charge entry process ensures more than 95% accuracy with robust system and checks to make the process smooth and accurate. Due to the maximum accuracy level, there are less chances of errors and discrepancies.

Quick Claim Submission

Our claim submission team is well experienced in electronic and paper-based claim submissions. We pay attention to the tiny details of all major insurance carriers’ claim submission formats.

TQM Claim check

Our total quality management check and control accuracy and reliability. Errors in billing codes are one of the main reasons that medical claims are rejected or denied so, it is very necessary to identify and eliminate errors before the claim submission.

Billing and Collections

Timely collection of the payment claims is the most important part of the medical billing service. If there are an increased number of outstanding claims, it can reduce the revenue targets of medical practices. Our billing team follows up with each payer on time.

Process of Payment Posting

Account receivable report is very crucial for the performance in healthcare practitioner. It is very important as it provides insights into the financial health of the provider. Payment posting is the process that makes it clear that how the billing and collection process is performing and helps in identifying issues.