Account Receivable Services

Accounts Receivables process is important because it ensures that physicians receive their payments on time, increase recovery rate, and quick invoice processing, hence enhancing revenue management cycle.

It also imperative in re-examination of insurance contracts to confirm effectively reimbursement of healthcare providers. A prosperous insurance contractual model empowers physicians to speedily recover due payments from insurance companies. Master medical billing help healthcare physicians to run their practices successfully while ensuring efficient revenue management cycle. The primary objective of accounts receivable management in healthcare is to streamline cash flow by plummeting the recovery period and related expenses.

Why Is Account Receivable & Follow-Up are Essential in Medical Billing practices?

The accounts receivable team pursue the cases by inspecting denied claims and reviewing them to find any opportunity to recover payment from insurance companies. Handling Medical billing accounts receivable and revenue cycle management by physician is cumbersome job because it takes lot of time and strategies. A physician must focus on his core competencies and let professional medical biller or organization manage those task for which they have developed learning curve. Only Medical Billing professionals with precise knowledge and skill sets are good to handle account receivables and follow-ups. Moreover, in account receivable management, various other critical operations such as charge entry, benefits verification, and payment posting, must be accomplished by a professional medical biller for correct procedure code and diagnostic code application depending on the treatment plan during these operations. There are several chances that insurance company deny claims, if they are not submitted according to the insurance rules. Therefore, there is a dire need to on board an account receivable expert who can pursue with the insurance companies to deal with your rejected claims.