About Us

Our expert team consists of experienced medical billers who are integrated with the value chain of your hospital or clinic and professionally handle your whole billing operations in order to increase your cash flows.

We do not make hefty promises; we could not deliver. Most of our clients are small clinics, doctors, and private practitioners so, through the learning curve developed in-house, we understand problems they face and focus on solutions.

Our services more importantly include medical Billing, medical coding, medical credentialing, medical transcription, telehealth billing, and revenue cycle management.

Our talented medical billing staff work on total quality management philosophy for running your billing operations to increase revenue in less time. They are trained for accurate submission of insurance claims, timely follow-up on your behalf, denial, and appeal of claims, payment posting and real-time reporting.

Billing Protocols

Master Medical Billing promise to organize and integrate with you; from eligibility verification, checking in, collection of payment and complete office work – in order to manage revenue collection.

We provide assurance in:

  • 7% – 12% increase in collections within 1st Quarter
  • 96.5% of claims getting paid on first submission
  • Zero ICD-10 disruption
  • Financial transparency & confidentiality
  • Significant drops in Account receivable days and rejection

Cost to Benefit Analysis 

Annual Saving is $28,000 per annum.

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