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Master Medical Billing LLC is full-service medical billing and revenue cycle management solution.


Facilitate healthcare industry with best medical billing services


To offer best medical billing services to clients for swift claim reimbursement with accuracy and compliance by robust operations & IT solutions in order to increase revenue cycle management  


“We deliver what we promise.”



Master Medical Billing LLC

Our expert team consist of experienced medical biller who are integrated with value chain of your hospital or clinic and professionally handle your whole billing operations in order to increase your cash flows.

We do not make hefty promises; we could not deliver. Most of our clients are small clinics, doctors and private practitioners so through learning curve developed in house, we understand problem they face and focus on solutions.

Our Services

Streamline healthcare billing processes with precise coding, claim preparation, professional medical billing, and claim submission.

With Master Medical Billing coding services, we provide guarantee that there will be no errors in coding, which will enhance your revenue cycle management.

Credentialing and contracting are the basis of establishing a healthcare facility and depict your relationships with patients as well as insurance enterprises. 

At Master Medical Billing, certified medical specialists ensure that clinical data is accurately transcribed. Our medical transcription services are ideal for physicians, clinics, and solo practices alike.

Account receivables are most important features in medical billing to reimburse outstanding payment owed to physician for treatment and services rendered. 

We offer you to assess quality of your current service provider of medical billing. Quality audit will be performed on your existing billing, coding and transcription to assess any error, compliance or revenue cycle management.  

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Master Medical Billing incorporates common Electronic Health Record (EHR) and automatically fetch patient’s data

Why Choose Us?

Master Medical Billing LLC is one of the best medical billing companies in the US offering cost-effective, secure, and reliable healthcare solution.

Trust & Reliability

Doctors & healthcare practitioners onboard with us get better billing.


Medical billing companies likes MMB due to best services.

Quality Services

We work with devotion to attain maximum recovery of the due amount.

24/7 RCM

Our 24/7 RCM experts ensure timely reimbursements every time.

Need Best Medical Billing Services?

Master Medical Billing LLC is full-service medical billing and revenue cycle management solution.